BoR Chapter 15 - Toward the Clough
Game Summary - February 9, 2018


When last we left our heroes …

“… you had just come off the victory of defeating a creature known as a behir, a service you performed for the Omphalos – the arcane floating temple – in exchange for several magical items. Healing potions for the group, spell scrolls for Nehiri, a couple of magically returning daggers for Tryvsgar, a sun blade for Gwyneira, and an amulet of soul storing for Hildy (in which the water spirit called Amaryllis now resides).

“You also gained another party member – a green skinned antelope horned tiefling woman, a cleric of Marlaeth and pupil of Brother Veluz – who joined you in order to keep an eye on your half-orc ranger – specifically, the dark planar tear slowly ripping through his chest.

“And you gained transportation, thanks to some strings pulled by Hildy’s former mentor, Vandros Sarthana. After much consultation, you decided to take advantage of the Omphalos’ transport platforms and teleport directly to Slaughter Beach, a city formerly known as Wyndmere. Despite Vandros’ warnings that the city was unsafe and no one had used the temple there in over half a century, you decided to chance it anyway, since it was the closest point to the great canyon known as Malcom’s Clough.

“Malcom’s Clough – a gorge cut a hundred years ago by unnatural and powerful magics – a place where the barriers between the planes shift and fade – and also where Mavoi saw a vision of a tall, dark hunter carrying the bow that he’s being drawn to. So not only are you still seeking that bow for Mavoi to collect, but you also hope to find answers as to how to fix the planar tear.

“So, the next morning, you gathered your things, said goodbye to those you were leaving behind, and stepped onto the dusty, unused in many years platform and left the Omphalos behind.”


- it was revealed that the three spells Nehiri obtained from the Omphalos archives were wall of fire, counterspell, and prismatic spray
- the party felt the freefall of teleportation, then a sudden jerking movement before they all appeared over the crumbling platform of what used to be the tower for the Temple of Amaranthinos in Wyndmere
- Gwyneira did not appear with them, likely due to a teleportation mishap

Part I

- half the group fell through the platform into the muck of a bog that had crept its way to the tower’s base
- Nehiri and Hildy magicked themselves out of it, but Tryvsgar and Euphoria struggled to not get sucked in over their heads
- Luzzarai used feather fall to get herself, Mavoi, and Puddles to the ground, where everyone worked together to throw a rope to Tryvsgar and Euphoria and pull them in

- Luzzarai used prestidigitation to clean them all up, especially Euphoria’s armor
- Mavoi scouted the area and saw the city of Slaughter Beach a short journey away to the east
- Tryvsgar spotted parts of the city that were completely flattened, as well as abandoned and wrecked ships in the harbor beyond

- the party turned to the northwest and began heading for the clough, which Mavoi estimated to be about a two-day journey away
- a haze of gray permeated the landscape, giving everyone an unsettled feeling

- in mid-afternoon, a gentle yet acidic rain began to fall, an effect of the clough on the surrounding landscape
- the group sought shelter in an abandoned riverside estate; Tryvsgar picked the lock on the back door, noting it looked like someone had done something similar not too long ago

Part II

- the group discovered the name of the family that used to live in the abandoned mansion (Lukovisk) and acquired a spell scroll of magic circle

- Tryvsgar explored the upstairs, avoiding two traps and parkouring his way around a missing floor to get into what seemed to be a boudoir
- Tryvsgar acquired a large amount of gold and silver, a brass ring with an obsidian stone, a bottle of magical ink, an alexandrite gemstone, and two mystery potions

- while Tryvsgar was upstairs, Puddles sniffed around the door to the library and indicated something of interest was on the other side
- Hildy threw a bottle of alchemist’s fire at the door, causing it to burst into flames and the occupant of the room to come running out

- in fear, the man – a dirty hobo type calling himself “Ginger” used a magic item (a Rod of Rulership) in his possession to charm Nehiri, Euphoria, and Luzzarai
- much chaos ensued as Hildy and Mavoi tried to figure out what was going on and stop their three friends from giving Ginger all their precious possessions:

  • Mavoi punched Euphoria
  • Mavoi and Luzzarai nearly came to blows
  • Hildy attempted to cast charm person on Ginger
  • Nehiri cast counterspell on Hildy’s spell
  • Ginger asked for Euphoria’s armor
  • Luzzarai gave Ginger her noble lady costume
  • Puddles growled
  • Hildy used her dust of disappearance to make herself and Mavoi invisible
  • Mavoi began throwing books and furniture about the room as a distraction
  • Hildy successfully cast charm person on Ginger
  • Ginger gave Hildy the rod

- eventually, Hildy attuned to the rod herself and the enchantment on Nehiri, Euphoria, and Luzzarai faded
- the group pressed Ginger into service to come with them, even though he did not want to go back toward the clough
- Ginger had come to the clough from Chisk (where he was in and out of jail for drunkenness, thievery, etc.) because of a rumor of a “secret wizard,” but he didn’t find him

- as the group left the mansion, flower petals were falling from the sky, breaking up the gloom of the area
- Mavoi pressed one into his sketchbook and traced it, while Nehiri caught several in the bag of holding

Part III

- the group made camp for the night, tying Ginger’s hands together and opting not to light a fire

- Mavoi and Nehiri took first watch (Nehiri spent most of it copying spells for her spellbook); they saw floating lights in the distance, but they passed by without issue

- Tryvsgar and Luzzarai took second watch; they heard festival music from somewhere (they couldn’t pin down the location), but ignored it

- Euphoria and Hildy took third watch (with Puddles); about an hour into it, Euphoria noticed that something like snow was falling onto the canopy of tree branches above them
- Hildy climbed a tree and discovered the substance was ash – another effect of the clough


- in the morning, Euphoria examined Mavoi’s chest and discovered the bruising marks had expanded beyond where she had marked them yesterday

- a little past noon, the group heard sounds of struggle, fighting, and crying
- as the group debated, Hildy exclaimed that they should definitely go help, and as she ran toward the disturbance she felt life surge into her, restoring what she had lost in the ritual she’d undergone in Sinya Telerosto

- the group came upon a humanoid spider-like creature threatening a human boy and a dwarf girl, surrounded by many giant spiders in the treetops

BoR Chapter 14 - Balanced Rewards
Game Summary - January 21, 2018


When last we left our heroes …

“You’d had a little free time. While it wasn’t under the best circumstances – that is, you were waiting for a cleric named Brother Veluz to come and take a look at the strange bruise in your half-orc ranger’s chest – a bruise he got after being sucked into a dark void dimension and then mysteriously returning to you – nevertheless, you had some time to wander around the Omphalos, a strange out-of-sync temple to the avatar of magic, Amaranthinos, floating thousands of feet in the air.

“Tryvsgar and Nehiri discovered a woman testing throwing daggers that would return to her hand, and then talked to young gnome boy and, in an effort to cheer him up, purchased a faulty bag of holding off of him and then threatened him with a curse, in that order.

“Hildy – after indulging the water spirit known as Amaryllis in walking to one of the balconies and looking out over the landscape far below – found a wizard willing to sell a soul-storing amulet so that Amaryllis no longer had to physically possess Hildy’s body. However, the cost of the amulet was very high.

“Similarly, Gwyneira was pulled into an experiment by a pair of tiefling sisters and got to try her hand at a sun blade – again, a very costly weapon.

“In the midst of this, your dragonborn bard Luzzarai was pulled into a mysterious play at the Green March theater – which simply appeared in one of the rooms of the Omphalos. Through this play, the dark flute she carried was cleansed and Melody’s Ruse became Melody’s Saga.

“Finally, Brother Veluz – a rotund dwarf – arrived and, upon examining Mavoi, declared that he had a planar tear in his chest that would eventually expand and consume him. Unfortunately, that was the extent of Veluz’s knowledge, and all he could recommend was finding someone with more knowledge of that dark plane, or perhaps to go to that plane itself.

It was at this point that Priestess Niklaeril, the half-orc woman in charge of the Omphalos, offered you a deal: if you slayed a creature they had in holding, all the items that you had so coveted earlier that day would be yours. Additionally, your elven wizard friend Vandros Sarthana stepped in and negotiated that you also be allowed to use the teleportation capabilities of this floating temple to transport to any other Temple of Amaranthinos you’d like.

So, agreeing to this, you rested up and were then led down to the cellars and the dungeon holding cells. The massive portcullis was raised, you were allowed inside, and the door slammed behind you, leaving you in darkness and about to face a behir."


- Luzzarai inspired everyone using a new ability from Melody’s Saga
- Luzzarai, as the only party member to speak draconic, also exchanged some words with the behir before it attacked
- Mavoi felt a twinge of (the planar tear in his chest expanding) just before battle began

Part I

- the group battled the behir

- shortly after they began, Euphoria – a green-skinned tiefling with antelope horns – rolled into the room to aid them
- Brother Veluz had warned Euphoria that once she threw her lot in with this group, there was no going back

- Nehiri was swallowed and nearly killed by the monster
- Mavoi got the killing blow with a well-placed arrow

Part II

- the group freed Nehiri from the behir’s stomach
- Priestess Niklaeril and Brother Veluz entered, followed by a team of acolytes that began harvesting the dead monster’s parts
- Tryvsgar and Nehiri took some trophies – a claw and a tooth – from the body

- Brother Veluz explained Euphoria was going to join the group in order to keep an eye on Mavoi and the planar tear in his chest
- Euphoria spoke with the group and led them to the baths to clean up

- Vandros arrived and accompanied Hildy to Arcanist Lusha Waesqen’s office
- Amaryllis (the water spirit) was hesitant, but let herself go into the soul-storing amulet
- Hildy and Vandros discussed where the group should go next

- Nehiri was allowed into the temple’s archives and given an assistant to help her choose up to three spell scrolls to take or copy into her spellbook
- Nehiri also began the project of making a full copy of her spellbook

- Tryvsgar visited Chayana, flirted, and obtained two daggers of returning
- Chayana encouraged him to keep her updated with how the blades were working out

- Tryvsgar, Mavoi, and Euphoria found the temple’s kitchen, running into a plump woman named Vella on the way who told them to help themselves
- Tryvsgar proceeded to do several experiments involving his new daggers and a block of camembert cheese
- Hildy and Vandros joined them and dug out a bottle of fancy wine from Moondrop Wineries from the kitchen’s storage
- Luzzarai and Gwyneira joined them, the latter having just obtained her new sun blade
- the group sent for Nehiri, managing to tear her away from the library by promise of wine and cheese

Part III

- Vandros pulled out a map of Undosia and discussed possible destinations with them

- Vandros warned against using the Omphalos’ teleportation capabilities to go to Wyndmere – now known as Slaughter Beach – since it hadn’t been used in about 75 years and no one knew how stable the receiving end would be
- Vandros offered the city of Chisk as a possible destination, though it was about a week’s travel to Malcom’s Clough from there
- Vandros also expressed distaste for the city of Tibost, on account of his family being there

- because of the urgency of Mavoi’s planar tear, the group decided to risk it and teleport to Slaughter Beach directly, since it was the closest to the clough


- in the morning, Brother Veluz called Euphoria to him and gifted her with a set of acid resistant scale mail before kissing her on the forehead and wishing her luck
- Vandros gave Hildy a letter bearing the seal of the Sarthana family, in the hopes that it may be able to get them out of trouble some day

- the party assembled on the platform for Wyndmere – dusty and in disuse – before Priestess Niklaeril activated it and they were on their way …

BoR Chapter 13 - The Omphalos
Game Summary - November 26, 2017


When last we left our heroes …

“Barrel of Rapiers had left the elven capital of Sinya Telerosto with your friend Vandros Sarthana and teleported back to the town of South Bend, which you quickly left again in search of a way to cleanse the cursed cloak that Nehiri had recently acquired. Vandros took you to the local Temple of Amaranthinos and you found yourself transported to a much more elaborate temple, one floating high, high above the ground.

“You were welcomed and brought to an inner room to perform the cleansing ritual. The ritual was a success, but came with the complication of you having to fight off a large shadow creature that was the personification of that curse. You defeated it, but at a cost – in its death throes, it collapsed on itself and swallowed Mavoi into a dark void.

“Mavoi returned to you, however, via the help of the golden woman you know as Anya – but it seems it was not without a cost.”


- Mavoi returned, didn’t feel cold anymore, but skin was cool to the touch, dark tendrils along his veins faded from his face and neck and retreated below collar of his shirt
- Mavoi described what he could remember of being enveloped by the shadow

- Niklaeril inspected Mavoi, offered to try to remove residual curse using cleansing table once more, but the moment Mavoi got on the table he seized in great pain, took damage, and fell unconscious
- pulled him off table, healed him, Niklaeril was very concerned and asked them to find an acolyte to call for Brother Veluz – Nehiri and Tryvsgar set off to do so
- dark bruise on Mavoi’s chest about the size of a coin, above his heart, black tendrils leading out from it

Part I

- Vandros spoke to Hildy, asked what she had gotten herself into, very serious – said the monster had caused a planar rift, should not be possible in the Omphalos
- Omphalos is one second phase shifted ahead of material plane, teleportation and other magics aside from tower transport should be impossible

- Niklaeril pulled Vandros aside for conversation, Hildy eavesdropped, found certain privileges were afforded to Vandros’ family, but he had gone too far in bringing them to the temple and the priestess was chastising him

- Tryvsgar and Nehiri found a human woman named Chayana who was testing daggers of returning – throwing them at a target and then recalling them to her hand – Tryvsgar expressed interest, Chayana enjoyed explaining the enchantment

- Nehiri and Tryvsgar then found a gnome boy named Zeedivoost crying over his work in a scribe room, upset he couldn’t seem to enchant anything right
- Nehiri tried to cheer up by buying a defective bag of holding from him, made him very happy, then scared him by saying she would curse him if he betrayed them
- Tryvsgar paid for the bag with an amber gem from his robe of useful items

- Priestess gave them permission to wander about while they were waiting on Brother Veluz to arrive
- Hildy asked priestess about water spirit possessing her, priestess directed her to Lusha Waesqen, rest of group followed her
- on the way, water spirit Amaryllis begged to be able to look out over balcony, gushed about the view, said it was much better than the dark deep places

- Gwyneira was pulled into an experiment by a pair of tiefling sisters named Virginia and Chastity, got to test a sun blade
- Gwyn and Luzzarai almost collaborated on trying to steal the blade, but eventually thought better of it

- Hildy continued, joined by Mavoi, found Lusha – human woman with dark skin and bloodshot eyes, Amaryllis would not come out to talk to her
- Lusha gave them option of a soul-storing amulet that had possibility of escape if entity inside was strong enough, would also let wearer summon forth the element at will

- all items were too expensive for group to afford

Part II

- Luzzarai suddenly heard dragonborn lullaby coming from down a hallway, went with Gwyn to check it out, entered a restricted area and found the Green March Theater
- very dreamlike, they already had tickets, were ushered into empty theater, front row seats
- show featured a bard and her companions, told story of their battles – Luzzarai got transported on stage to give a rousing speech
- play morphed into an actual battlefield, Luzzarai had to play an inspirational song
- companions defeated, only bard left standing – suddenly Luzzarai back on stage in front of full house full of people she knew, told to finish the story
- Melody’s Ruse was buzzing and seemed angry at her, making dissonant noises in her head
- Luzzarai finished the tale, Anya’s golden seal fell off the flute, flute was cleansed
- recognized play’s narrator as person (nicknamed “Jen”) from lute-playing encounter in Sinya Telerosto
- Gwyn and Luzzarai suddenly back outside restricted area

- group met up again and exchanged stories

Part III

- Brother Veluz, a rotund dwarf cleric, arrived and took them to his office for examination
- examined Mavoi, offered everyone ale, announced Mavoi had a “planar tear” in his chest that will keep getting bigger until it consumes him
- said they might have to go to that plane to find someone to fix it, it’s beyond his knowledge
- mentioned Twisted Ones and the plane they purportedly created


- Niklaeril arrived, said they owed temple for the services provided so far, but also had proposition
- got list of magic items they wanted – plus, as added by Vandros, permission to use temple as transit hub to get nearer their next destination
- in return, if group takes care of a certain task, not only will payment for services rendered be considered complete, but also payment for the list of magical items

- group agreed, found out task was to kill a behir they had in holding for parts
- Tryvsgar acquired a mundane rapier, has stamp of a bunch of grapes on hilt

BoR Chapter 12 - Cleansing
Game Summary - October 29, 2017


- Gwyneira received the dark kris from Matriarch Umelynn, is magical and does extra radiant damage against foes


- Umelynn offered to let Barrel of Rapiers use the city’s teleportation circle, called Vandros in to have him cast the spell (using a scroll)
- troupe retired for the evening

Part I

- met back up with Lev, he was concerned because Fennian was missing (eaten by the cloak, unknown to him) – another disappearance to add to the recent string
- when arrived back at lodging, body of Advisor Elduin and all traces of battle were gone
- went to sleep, woke and made way to teleportation circle
- just as spell was activating, Advisor Elduin stepped around corner and waved goodbye

Part II

- appeared in town square of South Bend, bumpy landing (Vandros apologized)
- made way to Temple of Amaranthinos, Vandros was very excited to show them
- noticed new growth in the area, repaired stonework – leftovers from Hildy’s earlier curiosity
- Hildy cast alter self into Kipri

- reached temple, tower in the middle of other pillars of flashing energy
- Vandros led them to third level (highest level, but not roof)
- Amaryllis (water spirit) seized control of Hildy out of sheer curiosity of various potions and books and equipment it saw, but Puddles held it back until Hildy regained control
- Vandros used stick to knock on ceiling, received answering knock, pillars of energy activated
- party transported once more

Part III

- arrived in large floating temple made of intersecting minarets, high above clouds
- met by half-orc woman called Priestess Niklaeril
- brought cloak to an inner room to perform cleansing
- successful in cleansing cloak, but not in immediately banishing the shadow that possessed it
- battled with shadow, defeated it, but Mavoi was consumed by its death throes


- Mavoi found himself in a cold, dark realm
- Anya appeared and offered him a choice: she could send him back (though there might be consequences), or she could bring the others to join them and send them all to strike at the enemy’s heart in this dark place
- Mavoi chose to go back, returned to Barrel of Rapiers, but was cold, heart beat slowly, and had blackened veins standing out

BoR Chapter 11 - Whispers and Beacons
Game Summary - October 01, 2017


When last we left our heroes …

“It has been a weird couple months for the band of performers known as Barrel of Rapiers.

“First, a young noble woman approaches you in the marketplace and, out of nowhere, asks you to rescue her fiancé by infiltrating a high society party in the capital city’s most elegant district.

“That led to most of you skipping town for a couple weeks, waiting for the heat to blow over, during which you lent your aid to the town of Flatwell, defeating a hag that had kidnapped several of the townspeople.

“On your way back, you ran into the Red Aces – a trio of performers whose show you had stolen at that high society party. But you became friends and they invited you to join them in the upcoming Battle of the Bards.

“You did well at the competition – until all hell broke loose when the apparently possessed Royal Rhapsodist unleashed mass confusion by playing a dark flute. You raced together to stop him from doing the same to the whole city, and were successful – with the help of a golden woman who suddenly appeared before you.

“Those of you who were present then received visions – weapons, armor, cloaks – that were out there in the world, strangely calling to you. The exception was Luzzarai, who received the cursed flute itself – but with a temporary golden seal on it, and a plea that she find some way to cleanse it. And the rest of you were warned to beware of the waking Shadows.

“After that, it was research and shenanigans in the Royal Archives and the Temple of Mendo, where Schwartzy helped out. You gained some allies at the Lancers Guild, and some enemies amongst the Circle. Then, it was north to the Elven capital, where you hoped to acquire the cloak in Nehiri’s vision.

“Unfortunately, things did not go as planned, and you ended up in jail and as less-than-willing participants in a ritual of balance that demanded sacrifices of many of you – and revealed you to be something called “snags.” However, by some miracle, you worked out a deal wherein you killed a dragon and retrieved a pendant, and thus, the cloak is to be yours.

“And of course, many other things happened on your journey so far. But for now, here’s where we pick up – just as the sun has set.”

Setup I

“Gwyn. You’re frustrated. Not only did you spend last night in what was basically the stocks – tied to a tree where any random passerby could stop and throw fruit at you, and some did – but you spent most of today in an exhausted haze because of it and missed out on a lot of action. But … you keep your fists at your side, very aware that you’re surrounded by, well, if not enemies, then the elves of this city are at the very least not friends, no matter how friendly they act at the moment.

“Hildy. You’re nervous. You’re walking next to Vandros, who is talking a constant stream of excitement and magical theory that you’re mostly tuning out, a skill you honed to perfection when he was your teacher. But you’re distracted by thoughts of … what was in that bottle? What is this presence, this other that you’ve begun to feel pressing against your own mind?

“And Mavoi. You’re focused. As your friends walk ahead of you, entering a large platform amongst the trees that seems to serve as a city square, maybe even a small park – you feel the Hunter’s Mark that you had cast on that odd passing bat vanish, as if a string had been snapped. At the same time, you hear the distant clang of bells. Next to you, Lev – your elven guard escort – stops, eyes widening, as he hears it, too. At your side, Puddles lets out a high-pitched whine just at the edge of your hearing.”

Part I

- Lev rounded them up, asked if they had anything to do with this
- Lev’s necklace glowed (modified sending stone) – received word that the Hanging Prison had been destroyed and fallen in a massive fireball
- Sentinels began rounding civilians up and sending them home, planned to take party to their lodgings
- the Steward of Death – a dark-skinned teenage girl, sans black blindfold this time – was near and warned that the Sentinels should probably get Barrel of Rapiers away from their people
- three winged figures – like large abnormal bats – descended upon the group

“… the flying creatures hurtle toward you … when they are almost upon you, there’s a puff of shadow, and – slam! slam! slam! – three figures, humanoid, but very tall, their outlines blurred, as if they were made of constantly shifting shadows. The elf woman behind you screams as the creatures advance on you, pinpricks of sharp red light where their eyes should be.”

- Vandros cast magic weapon on Gwyn’s swords
- Hildy heard a childlike voice bubble up in her head saying it could help – the presence tried to overwhelm Hildy’s consciousness, but Hildy held it back, much to the voice’s disappointment
- monsters revealed they were after Luzzarai’s flute, called it a “Beacon
- the lead monster was revealed to be the creepy pale prisoner, now in its true form, that Nehiri and Hildy encountered in the Hanging Prison
- monsters mentioned an “Awoken Master”

- with the help of Lev, the Steward of Death, and Vandros, the Whispers were defeated

Setup II

“Nehiri and Tryvsgar. After your visit to the prison and your conversation with Maldoc, you were escorted to your temporary lodgings by your own elven guard, and have been waiting there for Advisor Elduin to return from verifying that the pendant you brought back did indeed belong to the matriarch’s son, and to fulfill his end of the bargain by delivering his cloak to you.”

Part II

- room was simple and clean, grown out of the treetops, hammocks instead of beds
- Nehiri felt nauseous at the moment of sunset, a strong sense of foreboding
- dour elf guard – Fennian – received message via sending stone, said he needed to leave and for them to stay there
- before he could leave, Advisor Elduin arrived, wearing the cloak, hood up – the cloak seemed to stretch with an unnaturally long shadow behind him
- Elduin was acting strange, seemed to be in no hurry, said pendant was valid and bargain would now be fulfilled
- Elduin closed door behind him, shadows grew about him, and he kept saying how hungry he was

“Advisor Elduin turns his gaze on you, and you can barely make out his face except for his eyes, which flicker with an unnatural red flame, as the shadows of his cloak reach out for you.”

- Nehiri and Tryvsgar battled Elduin with Fennian’s help
- Elduin’s cloak consumed Fennian
- they managed to defeat Elduin, but in its death throes, the cloak consumed Nehiri

- Maldoc, newly escaped, arrived to find Tryvsgar, alone, standing over the body of the dead advisor, bloody rapier in hand
- Maldoc took the rapier and told Tryvsgar to get out of there, then fled himself
- Tryvsgar seized the cloak and ran off to find his troupe

Part III

- Steward of Death eagerly stepped forward and cast speak with dead on one of the fallen Whispers
- dead Whisper revealed it was working for Tykvaris
- dead Whisper said they were seeking the Beacons because the purpose of the items was to drive back darkness

- Tryvsgar arrived with cloak, investigation revealed that hitting it hard enough (while it was being worn by a person) might make it “regurgitate” its most recent victim
- Hildy let down her guard and the water spirit inside her took over, rising like a second figure high over her head and forming a protective shell around her
- water spirit declared it would henceforth be known as Amaryllis
- group had Amaryllis!Hildy wear cloak, took turns attacking – it worked, Nehiri was released from a dark, cold dimension

- Lev decided enough was enough – decided the best course of action was to take them directly to Matriarch Umelynn for an audience


- arrived at Umelynn Tree Palace, brought to small sitting room, felt enchantments about that would make it difficult to cast spells
- Matriarch served them tea, revealed she had been having visions of them, didn’t know what to make of them
- focused on Gwyn, said she was feeling particularly drawn to giving a certain gift to her – gave her a dark, curved kris blade

BoR Chapter 10 - Dragons and Shadows
Game Summary - September 17, 2017


- have gone north to cave guarded by a green dragon
- goal is to bring back the pendant that belonged to the matriarch’s now-deceased son (killed by this dragon) and trade it for Nehiri’s cloak
- mid-battle, dragon is not looking very good


- dragon taunted them, then flew toward cave: “if you want the elf princeling’s trinket so much, come and get it!”
- dragon killed mid-air and fell into the pool

Part I

- party hatched many plans to avoid touching the slightly poisonous water, eventually retrieved pendant from dragon’s body
- Hildy cast alter self to give herself gills, went to investigate inside of cave by herself
- Hildy drank a “potion” that turned out to be something else entirely and found a strange consciousness bubbling up inside her; she was, however, able to suppress it

Part II

- the elven druid arrived in eagle form and reopened the tree portal for them to return to Sinya Telerosto
- met by Advisor Elduin, who took pendant and went to verify it before trading for the cloak – also allowed them permission to spend night in city

- dour elf guard took Tryvsgar and Nehiri to Hanging Prison because a prisoner was asking for Tryvsgar
- Tryvsgar had tense conversation with the one-armed half-orc Maldoc, who was revealed to have been Tryvsgar’s former mentor
- Tryvsgar apologized for abandoning Maldoc and slipped him a lockpick
- Maldoc accepted Tryvsgar’s apology and told him to take care of himself

Part II

- elf guard Lev escorted rest of troupe to marketplace
- Hildy found Vandros (who had nearly set a bar on fire) and asked him about the bottle, he said the markings were Underdark in origin and talked about water elementals
- Mavoi discovered that the contract he signed with Bethil Brand makes him spout their praises at inappropriate times
- Mavoi spotted odd bat again, cast hunter’s mark on it

Part III

- Luzzarai had strange encounter, including a lute duet, with an androgynous elf person playing a dragonborn lullaby on one of the large “public park” platforms of the city
- the person revealed that they knew Luzzarai was carrying a dark instrument and encouraged her to either find an expert to fix it or to try and drown out a bad song with a good one
- the person intimated they had met Luzzarai’s mother, suggested Luzzarai visit the city of Laokea
- the person was very mysterious, said they would like friends, told Luzzarai to seek out the Green March Theater before they slipped away


- Nehiri and Tryvsgar escorted by dour elf guard to their rooms for the night
- at the moment of sunset, Mavoi felt hunter’s mark abruptly cut off
- alarm in the distance – Lev revealed it was the one from the Hanging Prison

BoR Chapter 09 - Snags and Deals
Game Summary - August 28, 2017


- sun is now fully above the treetops, bright in everyone’s eyes
- Luzzarai has unattuned from Melody’s Ruse and feels extra exhausted
- elven guards in a line at the party’s back
- resurrected elves still unconscious, have been taken down from the platform via a wide spiral staircase encircling one of the supporting trees


- Nehiri noticed the cloak Advisor Elduin was wearing is the one from her vision
- Mavoi spotted some bats out and about much later than normal bats should be

Part I

- Advisor Elduin argued for the party, said their debt was paid according to the laws of balance and fate, as decreed by Sowarda and Marlaeth via the sacrifices and successful rituals
- party is still banished from elven territory, of course
- red-blindfolded Steward of Fate explained the party’s fate lines are all snagged, tangles in the web of fate
- black-blindfolded Steward of Death, a teenage girl, expressed interest in seeing what would become of letting such a large group of snags roam free together
- Elduin exercised his authority and declared Barrel of Rapiers would be set free so they could begin their banishment from the elven domain

- Nehiri caught up with Advisor Elduin and asked him about his cloak, said she had seen it in a vision and needed
- surprisingly, Advisor Elduin heard her out – said someone had come trying to steal the cloak just the day before, so it was odd she would ask about it now, especially given the new information revealed about them all being “snags”
- Elduin asked if they knew anything about the recent slew of disappearances, which was the reason for the city’s heightened security measures
- since the cloak was a gift from Matriarch Umelynn, Elduin had to go seek advice before answering Nehiri’s request

- Barrel of Rapiers taken to retrieve their equipment and armor, traded with (bribed?) a guard named Lev for extra items from the “lost and found”

Part II

- Advisor Elduin returned and revealed there were suspicions that drow were threatening the city, possibly responsible for the recent disappearances – elves have been unable to destroy the forest cave where they are known to emerge because a great and terrible creature is guarding it
- the terrible creature has killed many elves, including an expedition led by Matriarch Umelynn’s own son
- if Barrel of Rapiers were to retrieve the pendant owned by the matriarch’s son, it would be considered sufficient trade for the cloak

- escorted to marketplace, bustling from Bountiful Days festivities
- Mavoi obtained a magical quiver by signing a special contract with a merchant called Bethil Brand to be their sponsor
- Hildy ran into her old tutor, Vandros Sarthana, who was very happy to see her and kept calling her Amaryllis
- Vandros got them some deals on potions
- Vandros also mentioned to Hildy that a halfling man with scars on his face – he assumed it was her brother – had contacted him recently, looking for her

Part III

- Barrel of Rapiers were escorted to ground level and reunited with Puddles
- an old elven druid opened up a portal in a tree for them to step through to the region of the forest where the terrible creature resides
- tracked through swampy woodlands and found cave with pool
- green dragon revealed itself, taunted them with the pendant of the “elf princeling”


- Barrel of Rapiers engaged the dragon in battle

BoR Chapter 08 - Consequences and Sacrifice
Game Summary - July 28, 2017


When last we left our “heroes” …

“You had left Vorenia, the capital, heading north to The Wandering Forest, elven territory, in search of a magic cloak that your dwarven wizard Nehiri saw in a vision. All you know is that you saw a number of fine treehouses and the current bearer of the cloak speaking with a woman wearing a silver necklace with two white stones and two black stones. Through further research, you determined that the woman was very likely Renestrae Umelynn, current matriarch of the ruling elvish family.

“So, you parted ways with the caravan you’d traveled with at the trading town of South Bend, where – for reasons unknown to you – your halfling sorceress opted to hide herself in the guise of a male halfling called Kipri. Not wasting any time, you immediately headed to the northern outskirts of town where the road crossed into the woods at the official border between territories.

“There, you encountered a roadblock: due to heightened security concerns from recent incidents – the nature of which you weren’t able to discover at the time – no one would be allowed to pass without official documentation from House Umelynn or a resident of the elven capital to vouch for them – at least, you were told, not until the festival was over.

“And it is here that everything went to shit. After successfully charming some guards but not others, you decided to force your way through the Sentinels, leading to an all out battle in which you defeated one of the forest guardians. In the fray, you also killed four elven guards, while two others managed to escape – shouting that an attack was coming.

“So, that is where we begin. The sun is sliding past mid-afternoon, with the leafy canopy of trees casting shade onto the wide packed dirt road on which you stand. Gwyn stands near the entrance to the path, just inside the treeline, bloodied and breathing hard, her sword and scimitar still in her hands, the bodies of three elven Sentinels at her feet. A little further along the path, there lies another elven body – an archer, the one that fell from the trees when Hildy’s spell hit it, a crumpled pile of green and brown cloak barely visible amongst the brush where it fell. And, most magnificently, the collapsed, still burning corpse of the treant guardian, a smoldering bonfire in the middle of the road, flames still crackling as the wood hisses and pops. You catch your breath in the aftermath of battle, as a light breeze rustles the leaves around you, and smoke rises steadily into the trees.”


- Hildy’s alter self dissipated
- heard horns in the distance, approaching
- most of group hid while Tryvsgar and Mavoi attempted to pull off a deception, with Tryvsgar donning a Sentinel uniform and loosely tying Mavoi up
- Sentinel Captain arrived with a handful of other guards from a checkpoint a little ways down the road
- deception failed, fight broke out
- party was on verge of surrendering and/or running, but main reinforcements arrived and captured them all (nearly killing Gwyneira in the process)

Part I

- the party were brought to Sinya Telerosto, forced to leave Puddles on the ground, ushered up a naturally-formed staircase to arrive in the city built amongst the enormous trees
- briefly met by Matriarch Umelynn (come from interrupted festivities, wearing a flowing vine cloak and leaf crown)
- she instructed guards to send for a representative of the Twins, ritual to be performed at first light

Part II

- party brought to Hanging Prison – a cramped, multi-level building suspended like a birdcage far above the forest floor with several anti-magic fields around it
- Nehiri and Hildy were put on the lowest level – the cell across from theirs contained a strange, pale humanoid who spoke to them in hissed whispers and seemed aware of the special items their group was pursuing

- Tryvsgar, Luzzarai, and Gwyneira were put in the middle level, but Gwyneira was shortly removed by guards who were angry that she had killed three of their comrades – Gwyn was brought to something called the Spitting Tree (similar to a public stockade) for the night
- an elf man called Advisor Elduin visited Tryvsgar and Luzzarai to learn the circumstances of their actions and to explain what the upcoming ritual would entail – he urged them that volunteering for the ritual would make it easier on them

- Mavoi spent the night in a cell across from a half-orc ranger named Maldoc, whose right arm was missing due to the same ritual the party was meant to undertake in the morning – unfortunately, Maldoc’s ritual failed and “the druid stayed dead,” so in addition to “sacrificing” his arm, he was also serving a prison sentence

Part III

- the party was brought to a high treetop platform exposed to the rays of the rising sun
- four clerics of Sowarda and Marlaeth were present, each with different colored blindfolds: red, silver, white, black
- the cleric with the red blindfold – a human woman – led the ritual and clarified that since four elven lives were in the balance, four of the party would need to make a sacrifice
- “Fate is tied to time – past, present and future all intertwined. To attempt to see the future of one’s thread, one must first understand it from beginning to end. We will find the first place your thread shone bright and proceed from there.”

- Mavoi volunteered and experienced the memory of leaving his hometown, including the slap across his face from his mother before he stormed out
- he felt energy drain out of him [meta: lost one level]; the ritual was a success and one of the slain elves was resurrected

- Luzzarai volunteered and was shown the memory of sitting with her mother as a young hatching, watching her play the lute and singing
- she felt energy drain from her [meta: lost one level]; the ritual was a success

- Hildy volunteered and was brought to the moment when she, as a teenager, accidentally badly burned a halfling boy who was close to her
- she felt life itself drain from her [meta: reduced max hit points by 15 hp]; the ritual was a success

- Tryvsgar volunteered and remembered himself as a child crying and wandering the streets of a burning town before being swept up on horseback and born away
- he felt knowledge and skills being erased [meta: can no longer cast whatever highest level spell slot is]; the ritual was a success

- each time the ritual was performed, the red-blindfolded cleric remarked with concern that their thread was “snagged”, growing more and more worried and agitated as it happened again and again


- with the rituals a success and all the elves resurrected, and the price (sacrifices) of the ritual paid by members of Barrel of Rapiers, Advisor Elduin appeared stepped forward to say they were free to go
- the red-blindfolded cleric interrupted to say she had never seen so many snags in one place, and it would surely be much wiser and safer to put them all to death here and now

BoR Chapter 07 - Roadblock
Game Summary - June 11, 2017


“After defeating the possessed Royal Rhapsodist, receiving strange visions from a golden woman, and bribing the Royal Guard to look the other way, you returned to the theater known as the Sprites Assembly where you’d taken up residence with the three members of the Red Aces troupe. However, the next morning, you woke to find your dragonborn friend gone – along with the enchanted flute that had caused so much trouble. Many things happened after that, but before we talk about them …”


“Luzzarai. You left in the early morning to go run your “errand,” and it’s now late afternoon, approaching early evening. It’s an overcast day with a slight drizzle, and you are making your way back from the Merchant Quarter to the Western Run, to the theater where you left your friends. As promised, you kept the flute with you and didn’t let anything happen to it. And in the time that you’ve become attuned to it, you learned a little more about it.”

- Luzzarai coming back from a date with another white dragonborn, a ranger from the Lancers named Roshen
- became aware she was being followed by a red dragonborn and a human man (Thelar Carontok‘s two thugs from the Circle, unbeknownst to her)
- they surrounded her, offered a thousand gold for the flute – when she hesitated, they attacked
- Barrel of Rapiers were inside Sprites Assembly, resting up after excursion to the Sovereign’s Circle – heard commotion outside and came to help
- defeated thugs, sent them running

Part I

- preparations to leave and head north

- Upaaq asked if they would be back in time for the rescheduled Battle of the Bards in one month’s time, shared a moment of encouragement with Nehiri

- Mavoi gifted Senara with a book about woodcarving (based on the numerous times he had seen her at the hobby) – she accepted and asked for his assurance that he would be back

- Keird pulled Gwyn aside to talk about the upcoming journey, gave her information about joining a caravan led by someone named Cormac who would let them travel with them for cheap if they helped provide defense
- Keird asked if Gwyn would bring something (a detailed foreign silver coin on a leather thong) to his father in Strawford if they went that way anytime during their travels – his dad will know what it means

- Luzzarai left a note for Roshen: “thanks for the good times, I’ll see you next time I’m in town, no dating other dragonborns”

Part II

“The time comes, you all gather up your supplies and make your way to the northeast gate of the city. On foot, you follow a winding path down the hill toward Lake Ilruun, which is laid out before you and glinting in the sunlight. When you glance behind, you can see the towers of the royal palace looking out over the valley, growing smaller as you descend.

“The caravan you meet up with is led by a human man named Cormac Hayward, a rotund, jovial fellow who – if you let him – greets all of you with a bear hug. There are about a dozen wagons and carts in this merchant caravan, and after skirting around the lakeside estates of the nobility of Vorenia that border this side of the lake, you finally get to the road that leads northward across the plains known as Sidro’s Expanse.

You travel along this road for about five days, stopping at small villages and roadside inns as needed as you go. As you near the forest where elven territory begins, the land takes on a different shape – like highlands, with more exposed stone and rocky crags. Cormac warns that this is the place where he’s glad to have adventurers with the caravan, as the hills and outcrops provide great places for bandits to lay ambushes."

- Barrel of Rapiers successfully helped defend the caravan from a bandit attack

“Finally, you come to the end of the highlands, and as you crest over the last hill, you can see an expanse of towering trees stretching out northward and both east and west almost as far as you can see. This is known as the Wandering Forest. You can see the ribbon of a river flowing south through it before it bends away westward. There is a town at this juncture called South Bend, and that is where the caravan is heading and where you will part ways with it.”

- Hildy suddenly realized this is the town where she studied magic with an elven tutor and accidentally caused mass property destruction, so she cast alter self and disguised herself as Kipri (male halfling)

Part III

- party made their way directly to the Sentinels guarding the road leading north into the forest, only to find the way was blocked due to security concerns – only those with official papers from House Umelynn would be admitted
- the party tried several deception and charm attempts, which ultimately failed and led to a battle
- the party killed four Sentinels and a treant guardian, while two other Sentinels escaped and retreated northward


- the party was left in the middle of the road, with dead elves around them and the smouldering remains of a treant

BoR Chapter 06 - To The Library!
Game Summary - May 7, 2017


- everyone recovering from crazy night before
- Luzzarai gone, left note: “couldn’t sleep, went to run an errand – don’t worry, I’ll keep it secret – be back later”


- Hildy returns, met Senara at front door of Sprites Assembly and was led into theater to join group
- Battle of the Bards awards to be rescheduled
- Keird made big batch of oatmeal, Upaaq helping him – gave group a chance to catch Hildy up on events

Part I

- group decided to go do some research about their visions at the temples and libraries in the city
- Upaaq spoke to Nehiri about her being so affected by the illusion the night before, shared that his sister had been killed by goblins when he was young, sparked him to set off on the road and pursue life of an entertainer
- Keird spoke to Gwyn, said he was sorry to hear her grandma had died, surprised to see her because he thought she’d be out searching for her parents like she always talked about as a kid

- as leaving theater, interrupted by Thelar Carontok barging in with two goons
- Tryvsgar recognized him as leader in the Vorenian Circle
- “Car” revealed he had been told about the flute, offered a thousand gp on behalf of his clients
- became threatening when party refused, Upaaq stepped in and got him to leave, but not without snide comments and more veiled threats
- Senara revealed she used to be part of the Circle, seemed upset, but Upaaq assured everyone they could handle a few bullies

Part II

- set off for Royal Archives, guided by a young elf man called Archivist Pearce when they arrived
- used floating disks to browse and search for information, though Gwyneira preferred to take a nap instead

- found drawings of the Northwest Bulwark – jagged, black rock islands that look like what Tryvsgar saw in his vision
- also a family crest that looked like the one on the fortress in his vision – crest of the Sarthana Bloodline

- Nehiri learned that the treehouse palaces in her vision are common architecture in the elvish capital of Sinya Telerosto
- the current matriarch of that city is Renestrae Umelynn
- an old journal mentioned the matriarch’s necklace has one black and three white stones (representing her dead and living children, respectively), which is very similar to the two-black-and-two-white stone necklace Nehiri saw in her vision

- discovered that the symbol on the gauntlets Gwyneira saw is that of Rhyfel

- looked for information on a gorge or canyon emitting colors and lights like Mavoi saw in his vision, found writings about recent expeditions to Malcom’s Clough

Part III

- suddenly, the group encountered the Royal Archivist, who recognized them from their infiltration of his mansion
- shenanigans ensued, including the knocking out of two guards and general humiliation of the Royal Archivist
- Barrel of Rapiers is no longer welcome in the Royal Archives

- went across street to Temple of Mendo, answered riddle from Seeker Pellow to enter
- met up with Schwartzy! lots of finger guns
- Schwartzy led them to the Augury in the center of the temple, group had to solve more riddles before they received answers

- they learned the large pale form in Gwyneira’s vision is likely some kind of creature from the Underdark

- discovered Westall family has sent many expeditions to study Malcom’s Clough – some come back, others don’t – most recent returner is Lord Matthias Ramsey, Royal Financier – expedition was to the court in the highlands, to see if anything profitable could come from clough

- detoured briefly to the Lancers Hall to return the locket they’d picked up in Flatwell
- spoke with tiefling woman called Questgiver Qan’ef, obtained reward in the form of a few nights’ free lodging at any Lancers Hall they come across
- Qan’ef summoned the grieving brother of the locket owner to them and it was akward


- Decided that going north to the Elven capital was next course of action – seeking out the cloak that was in Nehiri’s vision


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