BoR Chapter 03 - The Hag

Game Summary - February 12, 2017


- Nehiri had picked up gold and jewels dropped by the hag, realized hag must have massive hoard
- party had slept at the inn


- Luzzarai had arrived overnight!
- Gwyneira sick, sleeping it off in her room at the inn
- innkeeper’s daughter offered everyone apple turnovers
- innkeeper tells them to stop by shrine to see Old Flora before they go
- town guard gave them advice about hag’s location
- got list of missing townsfolk and description of missing Lancers team

Part I

- went to Temple of Vorana, met Old Flora, received aid and general blessing
- left town, headed south into woods
- came upon remains of Lancers camp
– found tattered glove with Lancers symbol on it
– found Sword of Life Stealing
– found golden locket with picture of dark-haired elven man in it

Part II

- found hag’s location, had some trouble crossing barrier to stay in circle of the ruins that made up the hag’s hideout
- battled with hag, hag produced zombified Lancers team
- defeated hag, got loot, found townspeople turned into dolls
- Nehiri’s gold from hag turned to sand

Part III

- brought dolls back to town, to Temple of Vorana
- assisted Old Flora in ritual to turn them back into people, succeeded


- townsfolk regard Barrel of Rapiers as heroes
- celebration into the night



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