BoR Chapter 06 - To The Library!

Game Summary - May 7, 2017


- everyone recovering from crazy night before
- Luzzarai gone, left note: “couldn’t sleep, went to run an errand – don’t worry, I’ll keep it secret – be back later”


- Hildy returns, met Senara at front door of Sprites Assembly and was led into theater to join group
- Battle of the Bards awards to be rescheduled
- Keird made big batch of oatmeal, Upaaq helping him – gave group a chance to catch Hildy up on events

Part I

- group decided to go do some research about their visions at the temples and libraries in the city
- Upaaq spoke to Nehiri about her being so affected by the illusion the night before, shared that his sister had been killed by goblins when he was young, sparked him to set off on the road and pursue life of an entertainer
- Keird spoke to Gwyn, said he was sorry to hear her grandma had died, surprised to see her because he thought she’d be out searching for her parents like she always talked about as a kid

- as leaving theater, interrupted by Thelar Carontok barging in with two goons
- Tryvsgar recognized him as leader in the Vorenian Circle
- “Car” revealed he had been told about the flute, offered a thousand gp on behalf of his clients
- became threatening when party refused, Upaaq stepped in and got him to leave, but not without snide comments and more veiled threats
- Senara revealed she used to be part of the Circle, seemed upset, but Upaaq assured everyone they could handle a few bullies

Part II

- set off for Royal Archives, guided by a young elf man called Archivist Pearce when they arrived
- used floating disks to browse and search for information, though Gwyneira preferred to take a nap instead

- found drawings of the Northwest Bulwark – jagged, black rock islands that look like what Tryvsgar saw in his vision
- also a family crest that looked like the one on the fortress in his vision – crest of the Sarthana Bloodline

- Nehiri learned that the treehouse palaces in her vision are common architecture in the elvish capital of Sinya Telerosto
- the current matriarch of that city is Renestrae Umelynn
- an old journal mentioned the matriarch’s necklace has one black and three white stones (representing her dead and living children, respectively), which is very similar to the two-black-and-two-white stone necklace Nehiri saw in her vision

- discovered that the symbol on the gauntlets Gwyneira saw is that of Rhyfel

- looked for information on a gorge or canyon emitting colors and lights like Mavoi saw in his vision, found writings about recent expeditions to Malcom’s Clough

Part III

- suddenly, the group encountered the Royal Archivist, who recognized them from their infiltration of his mansion
- shenanigans ensued, including the knocking out of two guards and general humiliation of the Royal Archivist
- Barrel of Rapiers is no longer welcome in the Royal Archives

- went across street to Temple of Mendo, answered riddle from Seeker Pellow to enter
- met up with Schwartzy! lots of finger guns
- Schwartzy led them to the Augury in the center of the temple, group had to solve more riddles before they received answers

- they learned the large pale form in Gwyneira’s vision is likely some kind of creature from the Underdark

- discovered Westall family has sent many expeditions to study Malcom’s Clough – some come back, others don’t – most recent returner is Lord Matthias Ramsey, Royal Financier – expedition was to the court in the highlands, to see if anything profitable could come from clough

- detoured briefly to the Lancers Hall to return the locket they’d picked up in Flatwell
- spoke with tiefling woman called Questgiver Qan’ef, obtained reward in the form of a few nights’ free lodging at any Lancers Hall they come across
- Qan’ef summoned the grieving brother of the locket owner to them and it was akward


- Decided that going north to the Elven capital was next course of action – seeking out the cloak that was in Nehiri’s vision



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