BoR Chapter 08 - Consequences and Sacrifice

Game Summary - July 28, 2017


When last we left our “heroes” …

“You had left Vorenia, the capital, heading north to The Wandering Forest, elven territory, in search of a magic cloak that your dwarven wizard Nehiri saw in a vision. All you know is that you saw a number of fine treehouses and the current bearer of the cloak speaking with a woman wearing a silver necklace with two white stones and two black stones. Through further research, you determined that the woman was very likely Renestrae Umelynn, current matriarch of the ruling elvish family.

“So, you parted ways with the caravan you’d traveled with at the trading town of South Bend, where – for reasons unknown to you – your halfling sorceress opted to hide herself in the guise of a male halfling called Kipri. Not wasting any time, you immediately headed to the northern outskirts of town where the road crossed into the woods at the official border between territories.

“There, you encountered a roadblock: due to heightened security concerns from recent incidents – the nature of which you weren’t able to discover at the time – no one would be allowed to pass without official documentation from House Umelynn or a resident of the elven capital to vouch for them – at least, you were told, not until the festival was over.

“And it is here that everything went to shit. After successfully charming some guards but not others, you decided to force your way through the Sentinels, leading to an all out battle in which you defeated one of the forest guardians. In the fray, you also killed four elven guards, while two others managed to escape – shouting that an attack was coming.

“So, that is where we begin. The sun is sliding past mid-afternoon, with the leafy canopy of trees casting shade onto the wide packed dirt road on which you stand. Gwyn stands near the entrance to the path, just inside the treeline, bloodied and breathing hard, her sword and scimitar still in her hands, the bodies of three elven Sentinels at her feet. A little further along the path, there lies another elven body – an archer, the one that fell from the trees when Hildy’s spell hit it, a crumpled pile of green and brown cloak barely visible amongst the brush where it fell. And, most magnificently, the collapsed, still burning corpse of the treant guardian, a smoldering bonfire in the middle of the road, flames still crackling as the wood hisses and pops. You catch your breath in the aftermath of battle, as a light breeze rustles the leaves around you, and smoke rises steadily into the trees.”


- Hildy’s alter self dissipated
- heard horns in the distance, approaching
- most of group hid while Tryvsgar and Mavoi attempted to pull off a deception, with Tryvsgar donning a Sentinel uniform and loosely tying Mavoi up
- Sentinel Captain arrived with a handful of other guards from a checkpoint a little ways down the road
- deception failed, fight broke out
- party was on verge of surrendering and/or running, but main reinforcements arrived and captured them all (nearly killing Gwyneira in the process)

Part I

- the party were brought to Sinya Telerosto, forced to leave Puddles on the ground, ushered up a naturally-formed staircase to arrive in the city built amongst the enormous trees
- briefly met by Matriarch Umelynn (come from interrupted festivities, wearing a flowing vine cloak and leaf crown)
- she instructed guards to send for a representative of the Twins, ritual to be performed at first light

Part II

- party brought to Hanging Prison – a cramped, multi-level building suspended like a birdcage far above the forest floor with several anti-magic fields around it
- Nehiri and Hildy were put on the lowest level – the cell across from theirs contained a strange, pale humanoid who spoke to them in hissed whispers and seemed aware of the special items their group was pursuing

- Tryvsgar, Luzzarai, and Gwyneira were put in the middle level, but Gwyneira was shortly removed by guards who were angry that she had killed three of their comrades – Gwyn was brought to something called the Spitting Tree (similar to a public stockade) for the night
- an elf man called Advisor Elduin visited Tryvsgar and Luzzarai to learn the circumstances of their actions and to explain what the upcoming ritual would entail – he urged them that volunteering for the ritual would make it easier on them

- Mavoi spent the night in a cell across from a half-orc ranger named Maldoc, whose right arm was missing due to the same ritual the party was meant to undertake in the morning – unfortunately, Maldoc’s ritual failed and “the druid stayed dead,” so in addition to “sacrificing” his arm, he was also serving a prison sentence

Part III

- the party was brought to a high treetop platform exposed to the rays of the rising sun
- four clerics of Sowarda and Marlaeth were present, each with different colored blindfolds: red, silver, white, black
- the cleric with the red blindfold – a human woman – led the ritual and clarified that since four elven lives were in the balance, four of the party would need to make a sacrifice
- “Fate is tied to time – past, present and future all intertwined. To attempt to see the future of one’s thread, one must first understand it from beginning to end. We will find the first place your thread shone bright and proceed from there.”

- Mavoi volunteered and experienced the memory of leaving his hometown, including the slap across his face from his mother before he stormed out
- he felt energy drain out of him [meta: lost one level]; the ritual was a success and one of the slain elves was resurrected

- Luzzarai volunteered and was shown the memory of sitting with her mother as a young hatching, watching her play the lute and singing
- she felt energy drain from her [meta: lost one level]; the ritual was a success

- Hildy volunteered and was brought to the moment when she, as a teenager, accidentally badly burned a halfling boy who was close to her
- she felt life itself drain from her [meta: reduced max hit points by 15 hp]; the ritual was a success

- Tryvsgar volunteered and remembered himself as a child crying and wandering the streets of a burning town before being swept up on horseback and born away
- he felt knowledge and skills being erased [meta: can no longer cast whatever highest level spell slot is]; the ritual was a success

- each time the ritual was performed, the red-blindfolded cleric remarked with concern that their thread was “snagged”, growing more and more worried and agitated as it happened again and again


- with the rituals a success and all the elves resurrected, and the price (sacrifices) of the ritual paid by members of Barrel of Rapiers, Advisor Elduin appeared stepped forward to say they were free to go
- the red-blindfolded cleric interrupted to say she had never seen so many snags in one place, and it would surely be much wiser and safer to put them all to death here and now



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