Luzzarai Swiftsprinter

PC of Kati S.


Luzzarai Swiftsprinter is a white dragonborn bard. She is a member of Barrel of Rapiers and is played by Kati S.


Luzzarai got her love of performing from her mother (also named Luzzarai), who used to dream of performing before she had a family and settled down with her clan. Luz came to the big city because of her desire to master her performing skills, as that is her life goal. Her desire to master performance is what drew her to bardic magic – the storytelling and musical elements.

The Swiftsprinter family is from the dragonborn enclave of Krurrik, on the Coral Cliffs that overlook the Opal Sea. Upon coming to the capital of Vorenia, Luzzarai studied for a time at the Royal Institute of Rhapsodic Study.

Luzzarai Swiftsprinter

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