Maldoc Gran

Former mentor of Tryvsgar


Maldoc Gran is a half-orc ranger. He has long black hair pulled back in a ponytail, lower teeth that protrude up over his lip, and pale green skin. He is missing his right arm.


Maldoc Gran has little memory of his parents – he was abandoned and forced to make his way in the wilderness alone as a young child. Perhaps this is why he was so angry when Tryvsgar, the young half-elf who begged to be taken under his apprenticeship, left him to the mercies of the Royal Guard a year ago without so much as a goodbye.

Years ago, Maldoc trespassed on elven territory in the Wandering Forest. In his efforts to elude capture, he shot an arrow at a pursuing druid, not expecting that the elf would fall off a nearby ledge to its death. Maldoc went on the run, which is when he met Tryvsgar. Unfortunately, the law caught up with him in the capital city and he was seized and extradited back to the elven domain. There, he underwent a ritual of balance, but it was ultimately a failure: the elf druid was not resurrected, and a sacrifice – his right arm – was still demanded of him. Because the ritual was a failure, Maldoc was sentenced to further time in prison.

Campaign Notes ( BoR)

Tryvsgar and Maldoc were reunited in the elven prison in Sinya Telerosto. Despite initial tensions, they made up and Tryvsgar surreptitiously helped him escape.

Maldoc Gran

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