Questgiver Namia Qan’ef

Lancers Questgiver in Vorenia


Namia Qan’ef is a tiefling woman with light blue skin, small horns, and short black hair in a bobbed style. She wears flowing robes and listens with intensity to anyone who speaks to her.


Namia Qan’ef has an uncanny memory for facts and figures, though the tricks of basic social interaction elude her. She is Questgiver at the Vorenian Lancers Hall and dislikes running the campus during the extended absences of its current Vanguard.

Her office is impeccably organized and has an arcane posterboard outside it that allows her to phase notes through the wall so that she can keep her interactions with people to a minimum.

Campaign Notes ( BoR)

Barrel of Rapiers encountered Questgiver Qan’ef when they returned the locket of a fallen Lancers member. Qan’ef proceeded to call the fallen member’s soon-to-be-grieving brother to them immediately to tell him the news, oblivious to the insensitive nature of doing so while the party was still there.

Questgiver Namia Qan’ef

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