Sigmund Knowles

Royal Archivist in Vorenia


Lord Sigmund Knowles is the Royal Archivist in Vorenia. He is an older man with a hunched back and crotchety attitude.

The Knowles Mansion is located in the Sovereign’s Circle.


Sigmund has been Royal Archivist for over two decades and takes his job very seriously. His driving force in life is to impress upon others – especially his son – the importance of knowledge and the preservation thereof.

Sigmund’s wife (who is significantly younger than he is) is named Amalda and his teenage son is named Theodore. Sigmund is often frustrated over his son’s lack of attention to his studies.

Campaign Notes ( BoR)

Barrel of Rapiers infiltrated the Knowles’ mansion and absconded with Sigmund’s son, whom he had set to study without distractions in the private library just below ground.

A later encounter between Sigmund and Barrel of Rapiers in the Royal Archives made it clear that he blames the troupe for his son’s elopement.

Sigmund Knowles

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