BoR Chapter 02 - Flatwell
Game Summary - January 21, 2017


- Nehiri joined the group


“The next day, as you went about your business – planning your next performance, thinking about what you’re gonna spend your gold on – rumors began reaching your ears. They spoke of a scandal. A young noble lady – a teenager, really – youngest daughter of the Lambrick house – disappearing in the night. The teenaged son of the royal archivist, also gone – snatched from the safety of his home. A scandalous elopement, to be sure – and all thanks to a group of performers – obviously now known to be mercenaries in disguise, for which Lord Knowles is offering a handsome reward for information on their whereabouts. Now, what did they call themselves again? Barrel of …

“It doesn’t take you long to determine that now would probably be a good time to go on tour. Get away from the city for a bit. Lie low until all this … confusion has passed. Now, some of your members had different ideas about what that meant. Trisphine, for instance, your elf monk, decided she’d like to spend that time meditating and training in a local monastery. Luzzarai, your white dragonborn bard, and Schwartzy, your tiefling cleric, both thought they would draw too much attention to your group, and so went to stay with some friends in another part of the city.

“You, however, decided to travel as a group and head east – performing in taverns and inns as you went, getting away from the city and seeing a bit of the countryside. You set a leisurely pace and, after about a week, decided to turn around and start making your way back home.

“You now find yourselves approaching the small town of Flatwell – another couple miles ahead – where you are hoping to spend the night. It will be dark soon, and the setting sun is in front of you, casting long shadows behind.”

Part I

- surprise attack by goblins and hobgoblins on the road
- made it to Flatwell, annoyed the guards on duty at the town gate

Part II

- Mavoi went shopping at The Cloudy Moon for magical items, and also flirted awkwardly with the shop’s proprietor
- Nehiri went to Bad Leg Apothecary and purchased potions
- Tryvsgar partook in some gambling at the Gentleman Goblin Inn and lost poorly, but in doing so obtained information that some strangers had been asking about Barrel of Rapiers in the next town over
- Hildy spoke to a drunk patron

Part III

- sudden appearance of hag – frightful, cloaked, and strangely dropping gold coins and gems in its wake
- hag demanded money from innkeeper, innkeeper complied
- hag left, Nehiri picked up some of its dropped gold


- innkeeper explained hag has been extorting townspeople for money, and several townsfolk have gone missing whenever they try to stop it
- a Lancers team was hired to come out and deal with the problem, but they disappeared into the woods and never came back
- Barrel of Rapiers volunteered to help

BoR Chapter 01 - Impostors
Game Summary - December 13, 2016


- introductions, chose performing troupe name “Barrel of Rapiers”


“… about a week ago you had a particularly good show – it was out by the city’s east gate and you got a good crowd of traders and merchants as your audience – but after the show, as you were tearing down your makeshift stage, a woman approached you.

“A young woman – human, possibly still a teenager – and even though she wore a dark cloak, you were able to spot her fine boots, the fancy embroidery on her gloves, the hint of a silk skirt as she walked. A member of the nobility – certainly not the kind of person who comes to a show like yours.

“She gave her name – the Lady Miriam of noble house of Lambrick – and begged for your help. She said her fiancé was being held captive in secret by his own father – the Royal Archivist Lord Knowles – who does not approve of their engagement. But Lord Knowles will be holding a party in one week’s time, and Lady Miriam has secretly arranged for their scheduled performing troupe to be … delayed.

“And now she asks you – you of so many varied talents – to go to the party in their place and, once you have done the performance, sneak away and find, rescue her fiancé.

“After giving it some thought, you all agreed. After all – a maiden in distress? a gruff father standing in the way of true love? deception, subterfuge, and a heroic rescue? At the very least it will make great fodder for your next show. And it doesn’t hurt that Lady Miriam offered you 1000 gold pieces to do the job.

“You all made your way to the Sovereign’s Circle – the royal and noble district of the city, where everything is much fancier and cleaner than what you’re used to – and were welcomed to the party. The Knowles mansion is huge – the little theater where you usually perform could fit just in its entryway.

“You’re escorted to a long hall, where they’ve set up a small stage at one end for you. Lords and ladies mill about, sampling tasty delicacies being carried around on trays by smartly dressed servants. Music floats over the chatter, and you look for its source before realizing it’s coming from nowhere – a magical enchantment of some sort. There are silk tablecloths and real silver silverware. It’s all … a little intimidating.”

- elf servant asked to be reminded of their troupe’s name – they said Barrel of Rapiers

“Once you’ve settled, a servant goes up on the stage, and the music stops, the chatter dies down. The servant – an elf, old, with silver hair pulled back in a long ponytail – clears his throat.”

Part I

- Hildy cast spider climb on Mavoi’s wolf Cuddles Puddles
- Tryvsgar threw dagger at apple on Mavoi’s head
- Tryvsgar and Gwyneira did fancy fighting
- Schwartzy tried to convince everyone he grew the wolf’s balls back
- Luzzarai did dancing lights

- after performance, escorted to “green room” in back
- received note: “New information: secret entrance in the Lord’s study; try there first. –M”
- all snuck out of room in search of study

Part II

- caught by elf servant (Folas), but Luzzarai charmed him and so he led them to the study
- searched study, discovered trick to fireplace, opened up into spiral staircase leading downward
- Gwyneira cast alarm on study door to alert them if anyone tried to follow

- down stairs, came to a long hallway
- pit trap opened up, wolf almost fell but was saved because spider climb was still active
- group cast light on a rope and tossed it down hallway to light the way

Part III

- came to library, guarded by a mechanical gargoyle-like golden eagle
- eagle demanded toll: “The toll is this: in what order were the five guilds of the city established?”
- battle ensued; some fought eagle, others searched bookshelves for answers
- answer discovered: Order of the Rusted Rose, Bronze Dragon Guild, The Searing Light, The Lancers Guild, Blades of Honour
- eagle allowed them entrance to the room beyond the library

- Theodore met them with trepidation, said his father set him down here to finish his studies
- Gwyneira’s alarm went off
- Theodore led them out of the mansion through a different route


- met up with Lady Miriam, reunited her with Theodore
- Miriam paid Barrel of Rapiers 1,000 gp
- Miriam and Theodore rode off on horseback into the night, headed north
- Barrel of Rapiers celebrated by partying in a tavern


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