BoR Chapter 07 - Roadblock
Game Summary - June 11, 2017


“After defeating the possessed Royal Rhapsodist, receiving strange visions from a golden woman, and bribing the Royal Guard to look the other way, you returned to the theater known as the Sprites Assembly where you’d taken up residence with the three members of the Red Aces troupe. However, the next morning, you woke to find your dragonborn friend gone – along with the enchanted flute that had caused so much trouble. Many things happened after that, but before we talk about them …”


“Luzzarai. You left in the early morning to go run your “errand,” and it’s now late afternoon, approaching early evening. It’s an overcast day with a slight drizzle, and you are making your way back from the Merchant Quarter to the Western Run, to the theater where you left your friends. As promised, you kept the flute with you and didn’t let anything happen to it. And in the time that you’ve become attuned to it, you learned a little more about it.”

- Luzzarai coming back from a date with another white dragonborn, a ranger from the Lancers named Roshen
- became aware she was being followed by a red dragonborn and a human man (Thelar Carontok‘s two thugs from the Circle, unbeknownst to her)
- they surrounded her, offered a thousand gold for the flute – when she hesitated, they attacked
- Barrel of Rapiers were inside Sprites Assembly, resting up after excursion to the Sovereign’s Circle – heard commotion outside and came to help
- defeated thugs, sent them running

Part I

- preparations to leave and head north

- Upaaq asked if they would be back in time for the rescheduled Battle of the Bards in one month’s time, shared a moment of encouragement with Nehiri

- Mavoi gifted Senara with a book about woodcarving (based on the numerous times he had seen her at the hobby) – she accepted and asked for his assurance that he would be back

- Keird pulled Gwyn aside to talk about the upcoming journey, gave her information about joining a caravan led by someone named Cormac who would let them travel with them for cheap if they helped provide defense
- Keird asked if Gwyn would bring something (a detailed foreign silver coin on a leather thong) to his father in Strawford if they went that way anytime during their travels – his dad will know what it means

- Luzzarai left a note for Roshen: “thanks for the good times, I’ll see you next time I’m in town, no dating other dragonborns”

Part II

“The time comes, you all gather up your supplies and make your way to the northeast gate of the city. On foot, you follow a winding path down the hill toward Lake Ilruun, which is laid out before you and glinting in the sunlight. When you glance behind, you can see the towers of the royal palace looking out over the valley, growing smaller as you descend.

“The caravan you meet up with is led by a human man named Cormac Hayward, a rotund, jovial fellow who – if you let him – greets all of you with a bear hug. There are about a dozen wagons and carts in this merchant caravan, and after skirting around the lakeside estates of the nobility of Vorenia that border this side of the lake, you finally get to the road that leads northward across the plains known as Sidro’s Expanse.

You travel along this road for about five days, stopping at small villages and roadside inns as needed as you go. As you near the forest where elven territory begins, the land takes on a different shape – like highlands, with more exposed stone and rocky crags. Cormac warns that this is the place where he’s glad to have adventurers with the caravan, as the hills and outcrops provide great places for bandits to lay ambushes."

- Barrel of Rapiers successfully helped defend the caravan from a bandit attack

“Finally, you come to the end of the highlands, and as you crest over the last hill, you can see an expanse of towering trees stretching out northward and both east and west almost as far as you can see. This is known as the Wandering Forest. You can see the ribbon of a river flowing south through it before it bends away westward. There is a town at this juncture called South Bend, and that is where the caravan is heading and where you will part ways with it.”

- Hildy suddenly realized this is the town where she studied magic with an elven tutor and accidentally caused mass property destruction, so she cast alter self and disguised herself as Kipri (male halfling)

Part III

- party made their way directly to the Sentinels guarding the road leading north into the forest, only to find the way was blocked due to security concerns – only those with official papers from House Umelynn would be admitted
- the party tried several deception and charm attempts, which ultimately failed and led to a battle
- the party killed four Sentinels and a treant guardian, while two other Sentinels escaped and retreated northward


- the party was left in the middle of the road, with dead elves around them and the smouldering remains of a treant

BoR Chapter 06 - To The Library!
Game Summary - May 7, 2017


- everyone recovering from crazy night before
- Luzzarai gone, left note: “couldn’t sleep, went to run an errand – don’t worry, I’ll keep it secret – be back later”


- Hildy returns, met Senara at front door of Sprites Assembly and was led into theater to join group
- Battle of the Bards awards to be rescheduled
- Keird made big batch of oatmeal, Upaaq helping him – gave group a chance to catch Hildy up on events

Part I

- group decided to go do some research about their visions at the temples and libraries in the city
- Upaaq spoke to Nehiri about her being so affected by the illusion the night before, shared that his sister had been killed by goblins when he was young, sparked him to set off on the road and pursue life of an entertainer
- Keird spoke to Gwyn, said he was sorry to hear her grandma had died, surprised to see her because he thought she’d be out searching for her parents like she always talked about as a kid

- as leaving theater, interrupted by Thelar Carontok barging in with two goons
- Tryvsgar recognized him as leader in the Vorenian Circle
- “Car” revealed he had been told about the flute, offered a thousand gp on behalf of his clients
- became threatening when party refused, Upaaq stepped in and got him to leave, but not without snide comments and more veiled threats
- Senara revealed she used to be part of the Circle, seemed upset, but Upaaq assured everyone they could handle a few bullies

Part II

- set off for Royal Archives, guided by a young elf man called Archivist Pearce when they arrived
- used floating disks to browse and search for information, though Gwyneira preferred to take a nap instead

- found drawings of the Northwest Bulwark – jagged, black rock islands that look like what Tryvsgar saw in his vision
- also a family crest that looked like the one on the fortress in his vision – crest of the Sarthana Bloodline

- Nehiri learned that the treehouse palaces in her vision are common architecture in the elvish capital of Sinya Telerosto
- the current matriarch of that city is Renestrae Umelynn
- an old journal mentioned the matriarch’s necklace has one black and three white stones (representing her dead and living children, respectively), which is very similar to the two-black-and-two-white stone necklace Nehiri saw in her vision

- discovered that the symbol on the gauntlets Gwyneira saw is that of Rhyfel

- looked for information on a gorge or canyon emitting colors and lights like Mavoi saw in his vision, found writings about recent expeditions to Malcom’s Clough

Part III

- suddenly, the group encountered the Royal Archivist, who recognized them from their infiltration of his mansion
- shenanigans ensued, including the knocking out of two guards and general humiliation of the Royal Archivist
- Barrel of Rapiers is no longer welcome in the Royal Archives

- went across street to Temple of Mendo, answered riddle from Seeker Pellow to enter
- met up with Schwartzy! lots of finger guns
- Schwartzy led them to the Augury in the center of the temple, group had to solve more riddles before they received answers

- they learned the large pale form in Gwyneira’s vision is likely some kind of creature from the Underdark

- discovered Westall family has sent many expeditions to study Malcom’s Clough – some come back, others don’t – most recent returner is Lord Matthias Ramsey, Royal Financier – expedition was to the court in the highlands, to see if anything profitable could come from clough

- detoured briefly to the Lancers Hall to return the locket they’d picked up in Flatwell
- spoke with tiefling woman called Questgiver Qan’ef, obtained reward in the form of a few nights’ free lodging at any Lancers Hall they come across
- Qan’ef summoned the grieving brother of the locket owner to them and it was akward


- Decided that going north to the Elven capital was next course of action – seeking out the cloak that was in Nehiri’s vision

BoR Chapter 05 - Golden Visions
Game Summary - April 22, 2017


When last we left our heroes …

Having saved a number of people from an evil hag, you enjoyed a night of revelry at the Gentleman Goblin Inn in the town of Flatwell. The next morning you began your return to the capital city, Vorenia, and along the way met a trio of performers who called themselves the Red Aces. Awkwardly, it was this group whom you usurped when you snuck into the Royal Archivist’s mansion and helped his son elope. But the Red Aces didn’t seem to hold a grudge – in fact, it appears that Barrel of Rapiers has gained a little notoriety amongst the theater people of the capital for the brazenness of your actions. The Red Aces invited you to join them at their home theater, the Sprites Assembly, and to represent the Western Theater District in the annual Battle of the Bards.

You agreed, got yourselves some new outfits at a shop called Fancy Francine’s, and – with the Red Aces – came up with an act that took you all the way to the finals of the East vs. West bardic competition. However, something was not quite right. A special guest was brought out to announce the winner – the Royal Rhapsodist, an older elven man – but instead of naming the winner, he told the audience they should all be ashamed, and that he would show them a real performance. Then he took out a flute and began playing.

Pandemonium broke out, as all who heard the flute in the crowded amphitheater suddenly found themselves surrounded by murderous orcs – but it was an illusion. The Rhapsodist and his two bodyguards made their way out of the theater, heading toward the road that would lead them up the hill, toward the Sovereign’s Circle. Most of you eventually snapped out of the illusion, coming to your senses in time to remember that, earlier that morning, the Queen had made an announcement through a specialized, magical, city-wide system, which all the residents of the city were able to hear clearly. You realized that the Rhapsodist was headed toward that system, and you set off in pursuit to stop him.

Part I

- Nehiri still confused, but approached by tall “orc” that turned out to be Schwartzy, who healed her and sent her off to catch up
- Luzzarai running (very) late to performance, got distracted grabbing a drink before the show, showed up just in time for chaos
- Luzzarai heard flute in distance, it sounded almost … familiar

- Barrel of Rapiers make their way up Royal Hill, fighting off the Rhapsodist’s bodyguards’ attacks as they go

- reached Clarion and battled what was now a clearly possessed Rhapsodist
- destroyed sigils on Clarion stones, made the system non-functional
- Rhapsodist nearly defeated, then archfey appeared: “smoke/steam/dust/shadow spews from him and from flute, a shadowy more-than-elvish figure appears, eyes and mouth glow with bioluminescence, skin is bark-like but slick with rot, wears a cape of leaves that rot and crumble and blow away”

- multiple party members unconscious, but archfey defeated
- but in last gasp, archfey lashed out at entire group

Part II

- suddenly, a golden woman appeared and banished the archfey, though it seemed to take a lot of energy out of her
- she looked at group and expressed dismay, saying that if they were here then she had failed, and the seals were breaking
- she placed a golden band on the Rhapsodist’s flute and gave it to Luzzarai, bidding her find a way to cleanse it
- she warned the group to be wary of Whispers that would be coming
– said they could call her “”/characters/anya" class=“wiki-content-link”>Anya"
- said couldn’t tell them too much or it might damage them, but revealed some visions to them

- Tryvsgar
o “vision bursts forth from you, find yourself over a cold gray sea, choppy with whitecaps – cold wind surges you forward, and you see jagged rocks in the distance – another surge, and you are there, amongst the sharp stones jutting out of the restless ocean, and in the midst of them, an island, sharp and jagged like the rest – you are pushed to the island and you glimpse a fortress made of black rock before you are inside it, in a dark hall before a dark throne – a cloaked figure sits on that throne, face and body hidden, but for one thin white hand that rests on a dagger at its side … the hand runs its thumb over the hilt, the fingernail long and yellowed … there are obsidian stones in the handle, but its blade is even darker, as if made of shadow itself … and you feel it call to you”

- Nehiri
o “eyes clear and surrounded by green – leaves, treetops – move forward, break in the foliage and you see a treehouse – but not a treehouse, more like a tree palace – gigantic, towering tree, trained in decades, maybe centuries of growth to cradle this huge structure – your vision blurs and then you right beside it, on a balcony formed out of the branches themselves, overlooking the forest – a woman stands there, tall, in a flowing robe, a silver chain with two black stones and two white stones around her neck, but you cannot make out any further details – she turns, and a cloaked figure shimmers into sight beside her, appearing seemingly out of thin air – they begin speaking, but the conversation eludes you as you find your gaze focused on the cloak … the light shimmers off it, occasionally sending a rainbow sliding across its surface, and its aura of power raises the hairs on the back of your neck … it calls to you”

- Gwyneira
o “darkness … darkness so deep you don’t know if your eyes are open or closed … darkness that stretches on into untold depths … and yet you feel yourself moving … you sense vast spaces around you … you sense the immense weight of mountains above you … you sense unseen eyes following you … then, light – a glint, drawing you closer and closer … you see gold … you see silver … you see weapons and armor and untold treasures piled against a stone wall … but your eyes cast over all of these and come to rest on the source of the light – a pristine pair of gauntlets, and you can feel them thrum with power … they call to you … and just as you think that, they shift, they move, and you realize that what you thought was a wall, was not a wall, and what you thought were stones, were not stones, but scales … the entire treasure pile shift, coins clinking down to echo in the dark cavern, and you are aware of a massive, entirely white eye opening, its lid blinking slowly, and then a second, film-like eyelid blinking horizontally after it”

- Mavoi
o “you blink, and when you open your eyes, you are standing on a cliff looking out over a wide gorge – so wide you can barely see the other side through the mist that creeps out from the surrounding forest, flowing past your feet and into the crevasse like a slow-moving waterfall … below you, you catch glimpses of light, flashes of strange color, and the distant calls of unnatural creatures … your vision is drawn to the side, and there is someone there – tall, much taller than you, and dark, with a black cloth covering its face, and still, so still for a moment you think it must be a statue … but then, in a flash of movement so quick you almost can’t follow it, it turns, draws a bow made of black wood, and releases an arrow – a trail of violet energy follows the arrow’s path and you see it bury itself in the side of a beast that you didn’t even know had been sneaking up behind you … sharp teeth, six eyes, sinewy muscles under gray fur – it snarls and moves to run away, but the tall figure raises a fist, and the trail of violet light solidifies, and as the figure pulls in, the beast is dragged through the dirt toward him … as for you, the arrow may as well have hit you, for you also feel yourself drawn to the dark bow … it calls to you”

Part III

- woman faded away with last echo urging Barrel of Rapiers to “find them, before it’s too late”

- Royal Guard arrived, questioned group
- Vice Captain Rolf Jamal didn’t fall for their deceptions, wanted the magic flute they spoke of
- party bribed the Vice Captain, who let them go after that


- returned to Gold Dragon Amphitheater to help with cleanup
- found Schwartzy helping out, along with many other clerics
- saw procession of gray-robed clerics carrying out a fallen teenage half-elf while his elven mother and human father followed, surmised they were off to try and resurrect the boy

BoR Chapter 04 - The Red Aces
Game Summary - March 19, 2017


- Luzzarai and Hildy headed back to the capital early


- as leaving Flatwell, spotted three figures approaching, possibly those who were asking about them in next town over, possibly sent by Royal Archivist to catch them

Part I

- trio introduces themselves as Red Aces, the troupe Barrel of Rapiers “stole” the Royal Archivist performance from
- turns out Barrel of Rapiers is admired amongst performers in the capital for pulling one over on the nobles
- gnome leader Upaaq asks them to join the Red Aces to represent the Sprites Assembly theater on behalf of the Western Theater District for the upcoming Battle of the Bards in one week
- Nehiri and Gwyneira recognize Keird MacQuartag as being from their hometown
- Barrel of Rapiers agrees

Part II

- returned to Vorenia, moved into Sprites Assembly, developed show for competition with Red Aces
- morning of competition, an announcement over the Clarion came from the queen:

“Good morning, citizens of Vorenia. It is my pleasure to address you on this day, the birthday of my mother, the much beloved Queen Camilla. In the years since her passing I have been ever grateful to you, the people, for your support in these trying times and in my ascension to the throne. Our mutual love for the late queen has bonded us, and I only hope to honor my mother’s legacy in a way that is deserving of that love. So with that, it is my pleasure to officially declare today’s festival in honor of Queen Camilla, who was ever a supporter of the arts of this city and this kingdom. Let the celebrations commence!”

- prepared for competition, went to Gold Dragon Amphitheater
- made it to semi-finals, competed directly against Madame Carmine’s Theatrical Revue
- Royal Rhapsodist was surprise guest to announce the winner, but something wasn’t right
- Rhapsodist produced cursed flute and began playing

Part III

- suddenly, everyone saw themselves surrounded by attacking orcs
- panic ensued, rioting, fighting everywhere
- some members of Barrel of Rapiers and the Red Aces managed to shake off the enchantment just in time to see the Rhapsodist and his two guards flee the ampitheater and make their way toward the Royal Hill


- came to the realization that Rhapsodist planned to do the same thing to the entire city viat the Clarion

BoR Chapter 03 - The Hag
Game Summary - February 12, 2017


- Nehiri had picked up gold and jewels dropped by the hag, realized hag must have massive hoard
- party had slept at the inn


- Luzzarai had arrived overnight!
- Gwyneira sick, sleeping it off in her room at the inn
- innkeeper’s daughter offered everyone apple turnovers
- innkeeper tells them to stop by shrine to see Old Flora before they go
- town guard gave them advice about hag’s location
- got list of missing townsfolk and description of missing Lancers team

Part I

- went to Temple of Vorana, met Old Flora, received aid and general blessing
- left town, headed south into woods
- came upon remains of Lancers camp
– found tattered glove with Lancers symbol on it
– found Sword of Life Stealing
– found golden locket with picture of dark-haired elven man in it

Part II

- found hag’s location, had some trouble crossing barrier to stay in circle of the ruins that made up the hag’s hideout
- battled with hag, hag produced zombified Lancers team
- defeated hag, got loot, found townspeople turned into dolls
- Nehiri’s gold from hag turned to sand

Part III

- brought dolls back to town, to Temple of Vorana
- assisted Old Flora in ritual to turn them back into people, succeeded


- townsfolk regard Barrel of Rapiers as heroes
- celebration into the night

BoR Chapter 02 - Flatwell
Game Summary - January 21, 2017


- Nehiri joined the group


“The next day, as you went about your business – planning your next performance, thinking about what you’re gonna spend your gold on – rumors began reaching your ears. They spoke of a scandal. A young noble lady – a teenager, really – youngest daughter of the Lambrick house – disappearing in the night. The teenaged son of the royal archivist, also gone – snatched from the safety of his home. A scandalous elopement, to be sure – and all thanks to a group of performers – obviously now known to be mercenaries in disguise, for which Lord Knowles is offering a handsome reward for information on their whereabouts. Now, what did they call themselves again? Barrel of …

“It doesn’t take you long to determine that now would probably be a good time to go on tour. Get away from the city for a bit. Lie low until all this … confusion has passed. Now, some of your members had different ideas about what that meant. Trisphine, for instance, your elf monk, decided she’d like to spend that time meditating and training in a local monastery. Luzzarai, your white dragonborn bard, and Schwartzy, your tiefling cleric, both thought they would draw too much attention to your group, and so went to stay with some friends in another part of the city.

“You, however, decided to travel as a group and head east – performing in taverns and inns as you went, getting away from the city and seeing a bit of the countryside. You set a leisurely pace and, after about a week, decided to turn around and start making your way back home.

“You now find yourselves approaching the small town of Flatwell – another couple miles ahead – where you are hoping to spend the night. It will be dark soon, and the setting sun is in front of you, casting long shadows behind.”

Part I

- surprise attack by goblins and hobgoblins on the road
- made it to Flatwell, annoyed the guards on duty at the town gate

Part II

- Mavoi went shopping at The Cloudy Moon for magical items, and also flirted awkwardly with the shop’s proprietor
- Nehiri went to Bad Leg Apothecary and purchased potions
- Tryvsgar partook in some gambling at the Gentleman Goblin Inn and lost poorly, but in doing so obtained information that some strangers had been asking about Barrel of Rapiers in the next town over
- Hildy spoke to a drunk patron

Part III

- sudden appearance of hag – frightful, cloaked, and strangely dropping gold coins and gems in its wake
- hag demanded money from innkeeper, innkeeper complied
- hag left, Nehiri picked up some of its dropped gold


- innkeeper explained hag has been extorting townspeople for money, and several townsfolk have gone missing whenever they try to stop it
- a Lancers team was hired to come out and deal with the problem, but they disappeared into the woods and never came back
- Barrel of Rapiers volunteered to help

BoR Chapter 01 - Impostors
Game Summary - December 13, 2016


- introductions, chose performing troupe name “Barrel of Rapiers”


“… about a week ago you had a particularly good show – it was out by the city’s east gate and you got a good crowd of traders and merchants as your audience – but after the show, as you were tearing down your makeshift stage, a woman approached you.

“A young woman – human, possibly still a teenager – and even though she wore a dark cloak, you were able to spot her fine boots, the fancy embroidery on her gloves, the hint of a silk skirt as she walked. A member of the nobility – certainly not the kind of person who comes to a show like yours.

“She gave her name – the Lady Miriam of noble house of Lambrick – and begged for your help. She said her fiancé was being held captive in secret by his own father – the Royal Archivist Lord Knowles – who does not approve of their engagement. But Lord Knowles will be holding a party in one week’s time, and Lady Miriam has secretly arranged for their scheduled performing troupe to be … delayed.

“And now she asks you – you of so many varied talents – to go to the party in their place and, once you have done the performance, sneak away and find, rescue her fiancé.

“After giving it some thought, you all agreed. After all – a maiden in distress? a gruff father standing in the way of true love? deception, subterfuge, and a heroic rescue? At the very least it will make great fodder for your next show. And it doesn’t hurt that Lady Miriam offered you 1000 gold pieces to do the job.

“You all made your way to the Sovereign’s Circle – the royal and noble district of the city, where everything is much fancier and cleaner than what you’re used to – and were welcomed to the party. The Knowles mansion is huge – the little theater where you usually perform could fit just in its entryway.

“You’re escorted to a long hall, where they’ve set up a small stage at one end for you. Lords and ladies mill about, sampling tasty delicacies being carried around on trays by smartly dressed servants. Music floats over the chatter, and you look for its source before realizing it’s coming from nowhere – a magical enchantment of some sort. There are silk tablecloths and real silver silverware. It’s all … a little intimidating.”

- elf servant asked to be reminded of their troupe’s name – they said Barrel of Rapiers

“Once you’ve settled, a servant goes up on the stage, and the music stops, the chatter dies down. The servant – an elf, old, with silver hair pulled back in a long ponytail – clears his throat.”

Part I

- Hildy cast spider climb on Mavoi’s wolf Cuddles Puddles
- Tryvsgar threw dagger at apple on Mavoi’s head
- Tryvsgar and Gwyneira did fancy fighting
- Schwartzy tried to convince everyone he grew the wolf’s balls back
- Luzzarai did dancing lights

- after performance, escorted to “green room” in back
- received note: “New information: secret entrance in the Lord’s study; try there first. –M”
- all snuck out of room in search of study

Part II

- caught by elf servant (Folas), but Luzzarai charmed him and so he led them to the study
- searched study, discovered trick to fireplace, opened up into spiral staircase leading downward
- Gwyneira cast alarm on study door to alert them if anyone tried to follow

- down stairs, came to a long hallway
- pit trap opened up, wolf almost fell but was saved because spider climb was still active
- group cast light on a rope and tossed it down hallway to light the way

Part III

- came to library, guarded by a mechanical gargoyle-like golden eagle
- eagle demanded toll: “The toll is this: in what order were the five guilds of the city established?”
- battle ensued; some fought eagle, others searched bookshelves for answers
- answer discovered: Order of the Rusted Rose, Bronze Dragon Guild, The Searing Light, The Lancers Guild, Blades of Honour
- eagle allowed them entrance to the room beyond the library

- Theodore met them with trepidation, said his father set him down here to finish his studies
- Gwyneira’s alarm went off
- Theodore led them out of the mansion through a different route


- met up with Lady Miriam, reunited her with Theodore
- Miriam paid Barrel of Rapiers 1,000 gp
- Miriam and Theodore rode off on horseback into the night, headed north
- Barrel of Rapiers celebrated by partying in a tavern


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