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  • Chisk

    Chisk is a trading town in northern central Undosia. It sits at the crossroads of the [[Calen Thel | Calen Thel]], [[Revia Min | Revia Min]], and [[Great Northern Trail | Great Northern Trail]].

  • Teton Falls

    Teton Falls is a mining town in the foothills of the [[Iphelmion Range (Stormforged Mountains) | Iphelmion Range]], near the source of the [[Burst Rock River | Burst Rock River]]. It is built over an offshoot of the river and contains many bridges on …

  • Ellisar

    Ellisar is a town located in the delta of the [[Birchblade River | Birchblade River]] as it joins the [[Rushing Expanse | Rushing Expanse]]. It is a shipping town made up of many ever shifting islands and sandbars, and its residents are skilled at …

  • Gladder Crell

    Gladder Crell is a city located on the western coast of Undosia. It sits atop the Coral Cliffs, into which a series of massive platforms have been built. Networks of levers and pulleys - sometimes aided by arcane efforts - allow the city to use these …

  • Bark Harbor

    The town of Bark Harbor is on the northeast coast of Undosia. It used to be smaller, but since the decline of [[Slaughter Beach (Wyndmere) | Wyndmere (Slaughter Beach)]], it has grown over the past century to become the region's main trade hub.

  • Tair Pont

    Tair Pont is a city built over the conjunction of the [[Calen Thel | Calen Thel]] and [[Burst Rock River | Burst Rock River]]. It consists of an enormous flat archway set on massive columns that keep the city suspended a hundred feet in the air over the …

  • South Bend

    South Bend is a town at the southern border of Elven territory, just outside the [[Wandering Forest | Wandering Forest]]. Its name comes from its position at the crook of the [[Calen Thel | Calen Thel]] as it curves west toward Tair Pont. It is a bustling …

  • Flatwell

    Flatwell is a small town a handful of days' journey to the east of [[Vorenia | Vorenia]].

    _Notable Places_ - [[Gentleman Goblin Inn | Gentleman Goblin Inn]] - [[The Cloudy Moon | The Cloudy Moon]] - [[Bad Leg Apothecary | Bad Leg Apothecary]] - …

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