The Clarion is a royal announcement system that allows anyone within its boundaries to broadcast magically to everyone within Vorenia’s walls. Its physical elements consist of a ring of large, arcanely marked stones with a pedestal in the center for the speaker to use.

The Clarion is located on the Royal Hill upon which Castle Westall stands. The hill contains many gardens and wooded paths. Most traffic into and out of the Sovereign’s Cirlce from the lower districts goes around this hill and through various marketplaces and residential areas, but visiting nobility and dignitaries will sometimes be treated to a procession directly up the hill – from the lower districts, up through the gardens, and past the Clarion – which affords an impressive view of the castle as one approaches.

Campaign Notes ( BoR)

Barrel of Rapiers damaged the Clarion into non-functionality during a fight in order to stop it from being used to inflict mad delusions on the city’s populace.


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