Lancers Hall (Vorenia)

The Vorenian branch of the Queen’s Lancers is located in the Sovereign’s Circle district of the capital. It is more of a campus than a simple guild hall, and includes an administrative building, mess hall, barracks, sparring and training areas, an arcane research laboratory, and gardens.

The Questgiver is a tiefling woman by the name of Namia Qan’ef.

The main courtyard contains a prominent statue of a Lancers team composed of a gnome wizard, human cleric, elf rogue, and half-orc fighter, with the Lancers motto scripted on the base (“Wrongs Righted. Champions Forged.”).

The administrative building features high ceilings and one wall dedicated entirely to projecting an updated list of Lancer team rankings. The receptionist is a human man named Leo. The hallway leading to the Vanguard and Questgiver’s offices is lined with paintings of Lancer teams battling monsters.

The arcane research laboratory building is set a little ways off from the others and has additional barriers and precautions built into it.

Campaign Log ( BoR)

Barrel of Rapiers visited this hall and returned the locket from the Lancers team that had fallen in Flatwell. As reward, they were given a pass that allows them a few nights’ stay at any Lancers guild hall they come across.

Lancers Hall (Vorenia)

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