Temple of Amaranthinos (South Bend)

The Temple of Amaranthinos in the town of South Bend is located a half-hour’s walk from the center of town, in a copse of trees that shields it from casual view.

The temple consists of a three-storied tower in the center of a ring of smaller towers that spark with green and purple energy. This particular structure has visibly had parts of it rebuilt in very recent years.

As with most official temples dedicated to Amaranthinos, the top level of the central tower provides a gateway to The Omphalos.

Campaign Notes ( BoR)

Hildy’s curiosity led her to the second level of the tower and a book of arcane summoning, which then led to severe property destruction before the accidentally summoned beast could be banished. This incident is what led Hildy to flee to the capital and change her name.

The entirety of Barrel of Rapiers – including a disguised Hildy – visited this temple and used it to transport to The Omphalos in their quest to cleanse the Beacons they’d so far found.

Temple of Amaranthinos (South Bend)

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