The Omphalos

The Omphalos is the main – and in a sense, only – temple of Amaranthinos, the avatar of the arcane arts. Made of many conjoined and intersecting minaret towers, it floats thousands upon thousands of feet in the air over the continent of Undosia.

Arcane wards and illusions keep the temple hidden from those below, and access is granted only to those who choose to devote their lives to the study of magic. Occasional exceptions are made for those who seek answers and have proved themselves worthy.

Transportation to the Omphalos must be achieved through one of its connected temples on the ground. Each minor temple is linked to a specific platform in the floating temple; a mage on the ground must activate the lower temple and receive a confirmation signal from the upper temple before the transport takes place.

Elesna Niklaeril, a half-orc woman, oversees the Omphalos as high priestess.

Campaign Notes ( BoR)

Barrel of Rapiers visited the Omphalos when their friend Vandros brought them there to cleanse a cursed beacon; Priestess Niklaeril was not pleased that he had brought the group without authorization.

Vandros told Hildy that the Omphalos was one second phase-shifted ahead of the material plane, so regular teleportation to and from the temple was impossible.

The Omphalos

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