Perin Elduin

Government official in Sinya Telerosto


Perin Elduin is an older elf man with brown hair graying at the temples. He keeps his clothing neat and projects an air of fatherly understanding.


Perin Elduin is chief Advisor to Matriarch Umelynn in Sinya Telerosto. He is a long time friend of the matriarch and was recently gifted a special cloak for his many years of loyal service. He is tasked with overseeing the general safety of the city and may occasionally investigate special crimes personally.

Campaign Notes ( BoR)

It was discovered that Advisor Elduin wore the cloak that Nehiri saw in her vision. The cloak’s curse later possessed him and he was killed in battle by Tryvsgar. With no witnesses, Tryvsgar left the advisor’s body where it had fallen, but upon the party’s return they found it missing.

The next day, moments before the party was teleported out of Sinya Telerosto, Advisor Elduin was seen stepping forward to wave a farewell to them.

Perin Elduin

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